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Ad hoc: Deutsche Post AG to rename Group to 'DHL Group'


Disclosure of inside information pursuant to Article 17 MAR

The Board of Management of Deutsche Post AG has today decided to operate the Group under the name 'DHL Group' with effect from July 1st, 2023. The new name reflects the transformation the Group has gone through in the past years and pays tribute to its continuing internationalization. Already, over 90% of the Group's revenue stem from businesses trading under the DHL brand, including DHL Paket in Germany.

The Group parent company continues to use the name 'Deutsche Post AG'. The stock ticker, which is currently 'DPW', will be changed to 'DHL' to position the company's global portfolio better in the financial markets and leverage the strong DHL brand recognition also here. 

The Group is also taking this opportunity to simplify the name of the DHL eCommerce Solutions division, which in the future will be called 'DHL eCommerce'. All other DHL divisions and Post & Parcel Germany will continue to operate under their current names.