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Post & Parcel Germany

The core business of the Post & Parcel Germany division is the transport, sorting and delivery of documents and goods shipments. We maintain a nationwide post and parcel network in Germany, which we continually expand in consideration of digitalization and sustainability.

Our products and services in the mail communication segment are targeted toward both private and business customers and range from physical and hybrid letters to additional services such as registered mail, cash on delivery and insured items.

Nationwide post and parcel network in Germany



~46 million

letters per working day


parcel centres


Pack- and Poststations

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mail centers

THE postal service for Germany

In 2023, the German market for mail communication for business customers was worth around €4.0 billion (previous year: around €4.3 billion). The downward trend in market development is due primarily to the continued substitution of traditional letter mail with electronic communication. This competitive market is made up of both alternative delivery service providers as well as consolidation service providers who deliver their mail volumes to Deutsche Post AG. Our market share increased to 63.2% compared with the prior year (62.1%), primarily due to competitors exiting the market.

  • Market volume: around €4.0 billion


    Deutsche Post




    Source: own company estimate.

Cross-channel dialogue

On request, Post & Parcel Germany offers advertisers end-to-end solutions in the Dialogue Marketing segment, ranging from address services and tools for design and creation to printing, delivery and evaluation. This supports cross-channel, personalized and automated dialogue to deliver digital and physical items with interrelated content according to a coordinated timetable and without any coverage waste.

The German advertising market increased by 1.3% in 2023 to come in at €29.0 billion, growing less than in the previous year. The market was burdened by heavily increased paper prices and the general economic development. Our share of the highly fragmented German advertising market amounted to 5.7% (previous year: 6.0%).

  • Market volume: €29.0 billion




    Deutsche Post


    Includes all advertising media with external distribution costs; the placement costs are shown as ratios.
    Source: own company estimate.

DHL Parcel for companies and private individuals

We maintain the densest network of parcel acceptance and drop-off points in Germany, which was expanded further and digitalized in 2023.

We offer support to businesses to grow their online retail business. Along with the Supply Chain division, we are able to cover the entire logistics chain through to returns management on request.

Various services enable individualized parcel delivery for private customers: parcels can be delivered to an alternative address, a specific retail outlet, a Paketshop or a Packstation at short notice. This ability to individually select delivery options and notifications makes receiving a parcel more convenient and more transparent.

The German parcel market continues to be subject to competition-driven structural changes, with established as well as new companies offering their services. In e-commerce, the delivery of a portion of shipments is handled by the merchant’s own distribution networks.

There has been no interruption in the growth trend in the number of online orders, despite the dynamic slowing down compared to previous years. In light of this as well, we are continuously expanding our network. By increasing the number of Pack- and Poststations in the coming years, we plan to make it even more convenient for customers all over Germany to send and receive parcels and to create an environmentally friendly, traffic-reduced parcel supply system.

Reliable delivery in a challenging environment

According to surveys conducted by Quotas, a quality research institute, around 86% of all domestic letters posted in Germany during daily business hours at our retail outlets or before final collection were delivered the very next day in 2023. Around 96% were delivered within two days. This puts us above the legally required levels of 80% (D+1) and 95% (D+2).

These figures can be deemed very positive in light of the challenging environment in which they were achieved. The beginning of 2023, for instance, was impacted by collective bargaining negotiations and the associated strikes. In addition, the situation on the German labor market remained tense overall in spite of the new collective bargaining agreement for employees of Deutsche Post AG.

Our approximately 25,000 person-operated sales points were open for an average of 55 hours per week in the year under review, as was the case in the previous year. Consumers who use the products and services offered by Deutsche Post retail outlets operated mostly by retailers are surveyed annually regarding customer satisfaction by “Kundenmonitor Deutschland.” This study attested to the high level of approval enjoyed by Deutsche Post retail outlets: a total of 94.6% of the persons surveyed were satisfied with the quality and service (previous year: 94.2%). The fixed-location acceptance and sales network has grown to around 38,000 sites (previous year: around 36,300) thanks to the expansion of our Pack- and Poststation network. Deutsche Post and DHL are thus easier to reach and closer to consumers in Germany than ever before in recent decades.