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Brand partnerships

As one of the world's leading logistics companies, DHL stands for speed, reliability and quality, attributes that benefit well-known companies and organizers of global events. DHL offers its partners, including leading brands from the world of sports, fashion/art/culture and motorsports, solutions that meet a wide range of logistics requirements arising from first-class events around the globe. We take pride in helping our partners, their suppliers, teams and athletes to deliver at major events. All the while, DHL is targeting fans all over the world with premier global partnerships and is increasing its visibility and raising its profile as the world's leading logistics service provider.


ESL FaceIT Group

Embracing the future of entertainment  

EFG is the world's largest esports organizer. It hosts some of the biggest and most prestigious tournaments, attracting tens of thousands of fans to sold-out arenas and millions more via social media. With a livestream audience of over half a billion fans yearly, it has rapidly joined the ranks of the world's most-watched events, ever.

DHL has been EFG's official logistics partner since 2018 - a partnership that allows us to further expand our presence in esports and appeal to this new generation of fans, over 75% of whom are between 16 and 29 years old. The focus of our partnership are the games DotA 2, CS:GO and mobile games. In addition to emotionalizing our brand and promoting digital transformation at DHL, we have also placed an employer branding focus on this topic to reach new potential DHL employees.

As logistics partner, we transport hundresds of tons of of staging, gaming chairs and over 3,500m2 of screens each season to venues all over the world. And we find creative ways to and enhance the fan experience along the way. In addition to fun demonstrations of cutting-edge logistics technologies such as EffiBOT, our hands-free logistical support assistant, we've created innovative games like our virtual-reality "DHL Box Stacker Pro" and mobile game "EffiBOT Dash". At live events, or from home via mobile app or social media, eSports fans can compete for prizes while interacting with the DHL brand and our logistics solutions. In the Ultimate 10 activation, fans around the world can apply to join a team of famous CS:GO players to compete against a rival team. In the DotA 2 world, we're partnering with an influencer to showcase DHL's cool innovative features and why it's a great place to work. For us, this emotional connection with Esports fans is the perfect way to connect with a huge audience of digital natives with an affinity for e-commerce.


Delivering rugby to the world

The HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series annual championship showcases the world's top rugby teams in a dynamic, fast-moving format. Instead of 15 players per team playing 40 minutes per half, Rugby 7s features two teams of just seven players going full throttle for a brief seven minutes per half. With all the thrills of world-class rugby condensed into this supercharged format, it's no wonder the HSBC Sevens Series has rapidly become one of international rugby's must-see events.

The European Proffesional Club Rugby Champions and Challenge cup are held annually consisting of the top club rugby teams across France, Ireland, The United Kingdom, Italy and South Africa. This tournament boasts the best game play of 15s rugby in the world.

While EPCR features 42 teams playing from December to May, the HSBC Sevens Series has 16 men's and 12 women's teams crossing the globe for a total of 18 tournaments over the course of a single season. Both events pose world-class logistics challenges - and both rely on DHL as Official Logistics Partner to deliver with the kind of speed, skill and good hands that amaze on the pitch.

DHL's involvement in these top-flight events builds on decades of supporting rugby through partnerships at a club and country level across the globe. Munster in Ireland, Rugby Canada, Germany Rugby, Harlequins in England and the DHL Stormers in South Africa are among the many partners, large and small, carrying our colors. We're in the game because we love the game! And at the HSBC Sevens Series, we're proud to sponsor the DHL Impact Player Award, which recognizes the top-performing players for each tournament and each season.

Manchester United

Logistics for the love of football

When it comes to global brand recognition, it's hard to top Manchester United. Established in 1878, the world-famous football club has won more than 50 major titles and boasts a fan base of some 1.1 billion - more than any other club in the world.

As Official Logistics Partner, DHL is proud to bring its decades of experience to support Manchester United's logistics needs - from everyday courier service, shipping tour equipment, to merchandise distribution for the Manchester United Megastore. At the same time, DHL leverages the club's popularity for its own marketing activities globally, particularly in the Americas, Middle East and Asia, where the club's following is very strong.

At DHL, we are enormously proud of our relationship with Manchester United - because it brings together two well-known and well-established global brands, because it's a successful partnership, and because we just love being part of world-class football. In 2020 as the the world went into lockdown, DHL launched A World United, a campaign focused on bringing Manchester United fans around the world together virtually. We created a virtual Theatre of Dreams, to connect Manchester United fans all over the world and make fan's dreams come true too - inviting fans, customers and employees to take their virtualseat throughout the season to have the chance to meet players, watch a first team training session or win a once in a lifetime experience at the Old Trafford. A World United continues, delivering moments and memories to fans around the world.

German Bobsleigh, Luge and Skeleton Federation (BSD)

World-leading logistics for the world's top sliders

What do you call elite athletes in high-tech sleds barreling down icy tracks at speeds up to 150 km/h, withstanding 5 Gs of force as they steer the perfect line through breakneck turns? You might call it bobsled or skeleton; we like to call it the "Formula 1 of winter" - either way, it combines raw power, speed and finesse like no other sport on ice.

As the world leader in logistics, DHL is proud to partner with Germany's Bobsleigh, Luge and Skeleton Federation (BSD), the world #1 in bobsled. Nobody dominates the ice tunnel like Team Germany, which performs better than any other team in the world cups.

As exclusive Logistics Partner, DHL manages the transport of all BSD equipment to races across Europe, Asia and North America, as sustainable as possible. With decades of experience in Formula 1 racing and other world-class sporting events, we pride ourselves on delivering the kind of speed and precision handling it takes to safely transport state-of-the-art equipment around the globe on very tight schedules.

As Premium Partner to the BSD, our red and yellow DHL logo also adorns the sleds and suits of its men's and women's teams. We're thrilled to continue our longstanding partnership with the BSD through to the 2026 Winter Olympics - and can't wait to help "push" Germany's wintertime speed demons to new records. What we also cannot wait for are the interactive fan activations that we do during the season, including a quiz which is very liked by the fans. The lucky winner picks up a prize that money can't buy - an unforgettable ride in a bobsleidgh with one of the professionals.



Red and Yellow will never go out of fashion

For an edge in today's fashion industry, you need creative flair, bold designs, and a feel for the spirit of the times. You also need to be fast, efficient and extremely well-organized behind the scenes ... and that's where DHL comes in.

DHL is the fashion and retail industry's leading global logistics partner. For decades, we have pioneered solutions to meet the needs of designers, retailers and some of the world's most glamorous fashion events - and made it our mission to give these businesses an edge behind the scenes.

Our speedy international transport has been critical to countless startups, shows and openings over the years. But we're also there at every stage of the fashion retail journey: streamlining supply chains, reducing inventory needs and lead times, sourcing materials, advising on local customs regulations and taxation, even handling quality control in the production process. On top of all that, our worldwide presence provides businesses with access to new markets around the globe.

At DHL we love fashion, which is why we're engaged in the industry beyond logistics - as a promoter of talented young designers and champion of sustainability in fashion. We made "Positive Fashion" the rallying cry of our fashion-industry partnerships to highlight the importance of sustainability in the fast-moving fashion industry. Our "Fashion & Environment" white paper is just one example of our efforts to promote positive change. Written in collaboration with the British Fashion Council, the paper considers the fashion industry's impact on climate and environment, and provides practical recommendations to help the industry incorporate environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions.

Coldplay's 'Music Of The Spheres' World Tour

When Coldplay set themselves the goal of making their tour as low-carbon as possible, they needed to find a partner with expertise in sustainable logistics solutions. That's why Coldplay have chosen DHL as Official Logistics Partner for their 'Music Of The Spheres' World Tour. DHL is proud to join Coldplay on the road as their Official Logistics Partner, and will support the band in their mission to cut their carbon emissions by more than 50% - bringing you a tour that's both green... and Yellow. 

With our expertise in sustainable logistics solutions, we are able to offer Coldplay a multi-faceted approach to minimising the tour's CO2 emissions. Whether that's reducing freight emissions through the use of advanced biofuels, deploying a fleet of electric vehicles and trucks powered by organic waste, or offsetting carbon emissions across the rest of our supply chain, our GoGreen Plus Service provides the band with innovative solutions to help minimise the environmental impacts of touring.

Universal Music Group

Delivering new music and new artists to the world

Music is central to our lives. It is a universal gift and its power to connect people from different cultures globally is unrivalled in today's society. With the need to connect more important than ever, DHL launches DHL FAST-TRACK, a new music programme with purpose, delivering tomorrow's music today.

Following the hottest, emerging artists on their music journey, helping to deliver their distinctive sound to new audiences across the globe. Getting fans closer to the artists they love with unforgettable music moments, spanning innovative digital activations, intimate performances, unique content, eco-initiatives and more.

Unboxing DHL FAST-TRACK - delivering tomorrow's music today.

DHL FAST-TRACK is our music programme created in collaboration with Universal Music Group (UMG), the world's leading music-based entertainment company, aimed at shining the spotlight on exceptional artists and fast-tracking their rise to global stardom by leveraging both companies' local and global expertise. As an official partner of two of the world's most iconic recording studios, Abbey Road Studios in London and Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, DHL will provide time critical logistics for artists and labels, ensuring their vinyl lacquers reach factories in record time. In addition, DHL will support UMG's hottest emerging artists in accelerating their local to global journey, by helping connect their distinctive sound with audiences across the globe through unforgettable music moments.


World-class music, simply delivered

The Gewandhausorchester (Leipzig, Germany) is among the world's oldest and most prestigious orchestras. How many ensembles can say they've premiered works by Mozart, Brahms, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Schubert and Wagner? It is also the world's largest traveling orchestra. Some 185 Gewandhausorchester musicians spend a third of their year performing at concert halls around the globe, and DHL is with them every step of the way, keeping the storied ensemble on tempo throughout its impressive touring schedule.

It's no accident that the two companies have joined forces. Leipzig is not only the Gewandhausorchester's home base, but also the site of DHL's major European hub. And both are committed to the same hard work and precision behind the scenes that makes the performance - and customer experience - seem effortless.

As Official Logistics Partner of the Gewandhausorchester since 2009, we ensure secure and on-time transport of 6 tons vital equipment to each concert venue, including customs clearance formalities and temperature-controlled transport of priceless musical instruments. Beyond logistics, we collaborate with the Gewandhausorchester on our special "Meet the Artist" events to bring insight and inspiration to young musicians around the world.


ABB FIA Formula E

Partners in performance, innovation and sustainability 

When it launched in 2014, Formula E was a motorsport startup; today it attracts millions of fans around the world - and a whole new audience to motorsports. Why? Because it brings the heart-pounding excitement of racing to the downtown streets of some of the world's most iconic cities; because its fully-electric cars hit top speeds of 322 km/h, quietly and emissions-free; and because it's a hotbed for e-mobility innovation. Thrilling millions of fans, no other motorsport series currently has as many car manufacturers actively involved as Formula E.

As Official Founding and Logistics Partner, DHL handles the logistics requirements of Formula E organizers and teams, transporting over 415 tons of freight per race - including all race cars, batteries and charging units, media and broadcasting equipment - to urban venues around the world. From the start, DHL instinctively understood Formula E's vision to raise public awareness on e-mobility and lead the transition towards smart cities and low-carbon lifestyles. As Logistics Partner, we help Formula E push the boundaries of sustainability with a tailored, multi-modal transport approach that maximizes efficiency and further reduces its carbon footprint. 

DHL is proud to be part of Formula E's mission to inspire and engage a global audience on sustainable mobility. Beyond logistics, we help boost fan engagement with our "Team DHL" campaign. With that we are uncovering some exciting backstage stories in the sports but also going beyond on what drives us jointly in making a positive impact. With our global competition we are on a journey to create the ultimate TEAM DHL and are asking fans if they have what it takes to join us with a thrilling price for the winner.

Formula 1®

Enabling the Greatest Racing Spectacle on the Planet

DHL is proud to be the longest-standing global partner of Formula 1®. For nearly 40 years, DHL has ensured the smooth delivery of up to 1,400 metric tons of race cars, fuel, and equipment to race venues around the world.

As Official Logistics Partner since 2004, DHL staffs a team of motorsports logistics specialists who work closely with Formula 1® Management and the teams to ensure seamless logistical support for races and official test runs. What's more, DHL make operations as sustainable as possible. Our extensive experience in green logistics always seeks new ways to reduce F1's carbon footprint and overall environmental impact.

In the pursuit of reaching every corner of the globe and connecting people, DHL's role extends far beyond logistics. Formula 1® is one of the biggest entertainment platforms in the world and as global partner, DHL offers opportunities for fans to live unforgettable moments, both on and off the track.

The Commentator's Challenge never fails to unite fans all over the world, offering them the unique opportunity to try their hand in the Commentator's Box. DHL is also a founding partner of the F1® Esports Series and two of the most coveted prizes in Formula 1® - the DHL Fastest Lap Award and DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award. At the end of each season, the driver with the fastest laps is presented with the DHL Fastest Lap Award, while the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award goes to the team that most consistently achieves the fastest pit stops over the course of the Championship.

We are proud to support Formula 1® along this journey. From physically delivering the series to engaging with fans both virtually and in real life, we're proud to make this hair-raising sport more accessible for all. Just like out on the track, the behind-the-scenes action at a Grand Prix is all about speed, precision, and state-of-the art technology.

FIA Word Endurance Championship

Logistics that goes the distance

What do you get when you cross Grand Prix racing with the Ironman Triathlon? The World Endurance Championship (WEC): races of between six and 24 hours, non-stop death-defying speeds, superhuman stamina and performance, the world's best endurance drivers in the world's fastest cars around some of the most iconic tracks - from Fuji to Spa, from Sebring to Le Mans.

From the start, WEC organizers knew they needed a logistics partner that could go the distance; they turned to DHL and never looked back. As exclusive FIA WEC Official Logistics Partner since 2012, DHL brings not only decades of motorsports logistics experience to the table, but also its own passion for speed, precision and efficiency.

For each of WEC's seven races across the globe, our dedicated team of motorsports logistics pros work closely with race teams to ensure the safe, on-time delivery of 400 tons of racing cars(38), tires (4,000) and biofuel (30,000 liters). This includes expert support with customs clearance, load plans and packing materials, and a multi-modal mix of air, road and ocean freight to ensure maximum transport efficiency. Ocean freight is used whenever it is possible, since the use of biofuel ensures to deliver in the most sustainable way possible. And when teams need last minute express deliveries to the track, we handle that too. Whatever it takes, we love to make motorsports happen - and love being part of it! 

Since the eleventh season in 2023, the fans have to possibility to compete in our WEC quiz to be able to win stunning prices. The quiz is around the new, more sustainable top tier category "Hypercar" and its parallels to the DHL vehicles. It provides the perfect opportunity to engage with the fans and inform them about our work at DHL.


The thrill of motorsports logistics

As Official Logistics Partner since 2015, DHL is proud to manage the logistics for MotoGPTM, Moto2TM and Moto3TM. Working closely with Dorna Sports and the various teams and suppliers, our motorsport logistics pros ensure that 350 tons of critical equipment and supplies arrive intact and on time for each of 21 championship races on five continents. This includes temperature-controlled transport of finely tuned bikes, meticulous packing and handling of fragile parts, and customs clearance support to make sure there are no delays along the way.

We live for the thrill of back-to-back race weekends, when we only have 36 hours to move every piece of equipment from one race venue to the next - the perfect test of speed and precision. Sure, we can draw on 35+ years of motorsports logistics experience, but we also spend nearly 365 days of the year planning MotoGP logistics behind the scenes. It's the race before the race - and we love every minute of it.