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Data protection

The aim of data protection is to guarantee the right of the individual to informational self-determination; a concept that has become increasingly important as all spheres of life have become more and more digitized. In our capacity as a multinational company, the international flow of data, along with the processing of Big Data and increasingly complex legislation (first and foremost the European General Data Protection Regulation, DSGVO), poses a particular challenge when it comes to protecting personal data. As we operate in so many countries throughout the world, we must comply with a wide range of data protection rules and regulations. Indeed, in our e-commerce sector, as well as in international logistics, customers place particular value on data protection compliance.

DHL Group has established a Group-wide Data Privacy Policy. This policy is binding for all of the company's subsidiaries that are affected by data protection laws. Through this measure we aim to ensure that the processing of personal data is carried out exclusively in accordance with the respective legal requirements. In countries where there are no prevailing data protection rules or regulations, our Data Privacy Policy serves as the basis for setting the binding minimum standard for protecting data.

The policy includes specific instructions on the processing of personal data, provides information on basic rights, such as the right to information on stored data and its deletion and is thus the basis for a sustainable data protection management system that guarantees that the implementation of legal requirements takes place and is adequately documented. We also have other data protection rules and standards in place based on our corporate Data Privacy Policy; these focus on specific areas such as the processing of personal customer and employee data, direct marketing and e-commerce activities.