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Resilience management

For a globally operating logistics company like DHL Group, success hinges on a stable and secure business environment as well as on security within its various modes of transport, be it by air, road or sea. Globally integrated supply chains are exposed to any number of risks and are often the target of criminal activity, including organized crime, terrorism, piracy and internet crime. Corporate Security identifies potential security risks for the Group worldwide, analyzes them with regard to their potential impact and, after careful evaluation, takes appropriate steps to mitigate them.

In our efforts to protect our employees and sites, and to secure business continuity, including supply chain operations, Corporate Security of DHL Group operates a comprehensive risk-based security management system which is ISO 28000 certified. The security management system is embedded in the Group’s comprehensive management approach and is compliant with legal and regulatory provisions as well as international standards.

Continuous monitoring and improvement of our security measures make for efficient and effective processes, enabling us to make our global supply chains more resilient to a wide range of criminal activities and increase the level of trust that customers and employees place in our products and services. With special training programs, we ensure that our employees are aware of the security risks involved in their area of work and are able to respond in an appropriate way.

In this way, we improve our performance as provider and employer of choice, thus contributing significantly to the corporate strategy and the business success of DHL Group.