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Helping children in Cambodia

Post & Parcel Germany employee Nanette Langfeldt is Chair of Kidshelp Kambodscha, which is both a registered charity in Germany and a Cambodia-based international NGO. Having survived war, a reign of terror and occupation, the country has been working since the 1990s to alleviate poverty and combat underdevelopment. Langfeldt's volunteer work is all about "education, education, education," she says. To achieve her goal, she has invested a great deal of time and collected a great deal of money – including from DHL Group. The Group supports her cause via the Improving Lives Fund.

In Cambodia, Langfeldt and other Kidshelp volunteers opened a school where local staff and volunteers teach English to children and young people. "In Cambodian colleges and universities, many of the courses are held in English," says Langfeldt. "We used the money to pay for further training for English teachers so that they can bring even more expertise to the classroom. This in turn helped our students improve."

Nanette Langfeldt has received a total of five payouts from the Improving Lives Fund since 2012, and explains how the €2,000 allocated in 2017 are spent: "We want to make the school plastic-free." At present, there are heaps of half-liter water bottles at the school, but no waste collection service. "We want to start filtering water and we want to introduce beakers that can be used over and over again," she says.