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Employee engagement

The ideas, skills, experience and opinions of our employees are our company’s biggest asset. Each and every member of our global team has an individual area of expertise and is in the best position to assess the efficiency of his or her own work processes, and understand the needs of his or her own customers.

For this reason, we give employees at all levels of our organization a role in designing workflow and work processes. It is our way of tapping the innovative power of our company while fostering a culture of dialogue, openness and mutual respect.

To emphasize our commitment to great leadership for our employees, we are extending our executive leadership framework to further levels in our organization. This framework is based on the principle of leading with "Head, Heart and Guts" and consists of six leadership attributes, which form the basis for a common understanding of our leadership culture.

Employee Opinion Survey

We value the opinion of our employees. Our goal, annual Employee Opinion Survey shows us what they think of the current situation within the Group and the leadership behavior of their superiors, the extent to which they identify with our values and our strategy, and where we might need to improve. We can also use the survey to assess whether our employees deem the information, resources and training we provide adequate for them to do their jobs.

Competitive compensation

A system of performance-based, market-standard remuneration combined with long-term incentives plays a key role in making us an attractive employer. Along with monetary compensation, we also provide a wide range of non-financial incentives intended to motivate our employees to go the extra mile for our customers and to retain them for the long term.

Monetary compensation includes a base salary plus variable remuneration components such as bonus payments that are subject to local and position-specific requirements and regulations. In some countries, compensation also covers retirement plan contributions as well as health insurance costs.