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First Choice

Getting better for you

First Choice is the name of a program we run at DHL Group with one clear goal: To continuously improve ourselves to make life easier for our customers.

Begun in 2006, First Choice is still going strong after over ten years, and has become an integral part of how we run our business. Over the years, it has helped us improve our processes, engage our employees – and most important of all – delight our customers. We call it First Choice, because that is what we want to be: First Choice for anyone who does business with us, and it ensures we live up to our promise of “Excellence. Simply delivered” every day and everywhere.

You are always on our minds

First Choice encompasses many tried and tested tools and methods from Six SigmaChange Management and Lean. This approach, which is used throughout our company, ensures that we can improve service performance and processes in a structured and sustainable way, creating value for our customers in every single step of our business. Our First Choice mindset means that we are constantly reassessing our work, to make it a little bit better, every day and everywhere.  This, in turn, helps create an agile company that is ready for change and which can adapt quickly and attentively to changing customer needs.

Over half a million working for you

Our First Choice community within DHL Group is huge. In fact, we see all of our approximately 600,000 employees as involved in making our company better, because an integral part of First Choice is the inclusion of our employees in these process improvements. For example, thousands take part in daily Performance Dialogs in which they not only track their own performance but are actively encouraged to get engaged in being part of any improvement. The offer their insights and their solutions, solving issues where they happen. Other common tools used within DHL Group by a wide range of employees include Gemba Walks and Problem Solving techniques. In addition, our program is further enhanced with a community of specially trained employees who have an in-depth knowledge of all of the program’s specific tools and methodologies as well as their use, including the DMAIC methodology for resolving especially complex issues.

Let us be First Choice for you

As a customer or as an employee, we know you’ll appreciate that DHL Group uses First Choice to improve your lives, be it by engaging you at work or by working better for you every day. And that is what we aim to do, true to our First Choice motto: Everybody, every day, everywhere – a little bit better.