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Great success for the first European edition of the World Happiness Summit® (WOHASU®)

03/30/2023, 12:30 PM CEST

Over 45 speakers, including scientists, psychologists, economists, advocates, and practitioners have met to discuss the science of happiness and wellbeing.

WOHASU® 2023
WOHASU® 2023 Opening with Karen Guggenheim, Alberto Nobis and Como Mayor
  • Over 45 speakers and 860 attendees joined the event, with more than 1,000 people connecting remotely

Bonn, Mailand - The first European edition of the World Happiness Summit® (WOHASU®), the international event that gathered the world's top experts in the science of happiness and wellbeing in Como/Italy for three days, has been a great success. Over 45 speakers, including scientists, psychologists, economists, advocates, and practitioners have met to discuss the science of happiness and wellbeing. 

860 attendees from all over the world - USA, Kenya, Brazil, Ukraine, Australia, Japan, Peru, UAE and Indonesia - attended the Summit in Como and took part in the activities organized in the venues. More than 1,000 people followed the Summit online and 85 volunteers from USA, Mexico, UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Lebanon, Brazil, Ukraine, India, Russia, Norway, Austria, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Peru, Costa Rica, France, and Belarus helped with the organization of the event.

The Como Wellbeing Manifesto was launched at the Summit by Professor Lord Richard Layard and has already been signed by more than 700 people, including Alessandro Rapinese, Mayor of Como; Alberto Nobis, CEO of DHL Express Europe; Daniel Kahneman and Karen Guggenheim as the first woman signing it. From the Manifesto: 

"More and more people agree with this approach. But policymakers have been slow to respond - both in government, in business, and in education. Instead, we have a world in which measured stress has been steadily rising on every continent. This makes no sense. We have the evidence of how to build a happier world. Let's use it to increase overall wellbeing - and specially to reduce misery. Here's how:

  • Measurement: All governments, employers, and schools should be measuring the wellbeing of those they affect, at least once a year.
  • Government: The goal of governments should be to sustainably improve the wellbeing of the citizens, choosing those policies which are most cost-effective in terms of wellbeing.
  • Business: The purpose of business should be to sustainably improve the wellbeing of their employees, customers, and suppliers as well as their shareholders.
  • Schools: The main aim of educators should be to enhance the present and future wellbeing of their pupils, using evidence to achieve this.
  • Individuals: We should all be trying to create the most wellbeing in the world and the least misery."

"I couldn't be happier with the results from this year's Summit. It was amazing to welcome our community for the first time in Europe. I am very grateful to all our partners, sponsors, speakers, coaches, and volunteers. It was the perfect opportunity to launch the important Como Wellbeing Manifesto, which calls us to action by placing wellbeing first in all areas of life," said Karen Guggenheim, Social Entrepreneur, Author and CEO/Founder of WOHASU®, the organizing body of The World Happiness Summit®.

"These have been intense days, whose energy I hope we will carry with us for a long time in our lives. As a professional who understands the importance of the concepts of happiness and wellbeing in every work environment and as a person who tries every day to put people and relations at the center, I am happy and proud that DHL Express was part of this first European edition of WOHASU," added Alberto Nobis, CEO DHL Express Europe, main sponsor of WOHASU® 2023. "Thanks to all the experts who reflected with us on the concepts of happiness and wellbeing and on how to bring them into our lives, at an individual, corporate, and systemic level. And thanks especially to Karen Guggenheim and her staff, who made all this possible."

"The Como Wellbeing Manifesto calls for a new goal for our society: a world where most people are enjoying their lives and feeling fulfilled, and where we have drastically cut the numbers in misery. So, let's put well-being first. We are asking every organization and individual to sign the Manifesto," said Professor Lord Richard Layard, renown economist and (co) founder of London School of Economics Centre for Economic Performance, the World Wellbeing Movement and World Happiness Report.

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