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Carbon neutral buildings

Being the most international company in the world with operations in over 220 countries and territories, we have a considerable number of physical assets like warehouses, sorting centers/hubs/terminals, office buildings etc. We aim to leverage the latest green technologies to have carbon neutral buildings1 across our businesses worldwide.

Our most important levers for making buildings CO2-neutral:

  • Energy from renewable sources​: solar ready roof, photovoltaic system​, purchased renewable energy from the grid2, battery storage ready​
  • Efficient lighting: LED lighting with smart control system and vertical skylights
  • Electricity: charging stations for operating vehicles, charging stations for e-vehicles (cars) and efficient transformers
  • Heating and cooling​: efficient HVAC (heat pumps), natural ventilation​, automated control, sun protection/shading, Efficient dock seals​ and rapid rise doors
  • Building automation and measurement: enhanced building automation, main meter energy monitoring​, sub meter advanced and energy monitoring
  • Environment​: rainwater harvesting​ and low water use appliances
  • Biodiversity: sustainable landscape planning as well as further measures

1) Carbon Neutral Building refers to a DHL internal rating standard for building emissions. It includes buildings’ operational carbon emissions according to Scope 1 & Scope 2, with 75% or more carbon reduction and a maximum of 25% offsets with verified carbon credits allowed (compared to a brown baseline). The reduction of emissions is achieved by renewable energies, like solar PV, and the deployment of energy efficient technologies.

2) Facilities operated on behalf of customers are not taken into consideration.