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Disaster management

In the event of a natural disaster, comprehensive prevention measures and a state of constant preparedness are indispensable to ensure a fast and effective assistance. At the core of the Group-wide GoHelp program is the strategic disaster management partnership with the United Nations (UN) since 2005, which has made DHL Group an important player in the worldwide humanitarian community. When called upon by the UN, we support global relief efforts by volunteering our logistics expertise, our global network and the personal commitment of our individual employees.

Our commitment: Connecting people, improving lives

Disaster management - DRT & GARD

Disaster Response

In cooperation with the United Nations, we have established a global network consisting of around 900 specially trained employees who volunteer their time to be a part of our Disaster Response Teams (DRT).

Disaster Preparedness

With our program "Get Airports Ready for Disaster" (GARD) we prepare airport personnel and disaster management agencies for the logistics challenges associated with disaster relief efforts. 

United Nations and Deutsche Post DHL Group showcase how public-private partnerships make a difference in humanitarian action

Deutsche Post DHL Group and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) have issued a publication - Combining Capabilities - which showcases the growing importance of public-private partnerships in humanitarian action. The publication, launched during the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, illustrates a variety of innovative and effective case studies. It demonstrates that public-private partnerships are essential for addressing humanitarian needs in today’s world. It also sheds light on how such partnerships work in practice, what challenges exist, and what makes them successful in the long run. Case studies such as the Group's Disaster Response program GoHelp show which key factors are critical for a successful public-private partnership.