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Enabling integration

When people are displaced, they face many obstacles in their host countries. We aim to support refugee aid programs and help ease the integration process.

Millions of people around the world are displaced from their homes due to conflict, violence, or other situations. Many of them find themselves in new countries and in need of support, comfort, and hope. Helping refugees integrate into their host countries and gain employment can significantly improve their lives while helping mitigate workforce shortages.

Why we enable integration

To meet workforce demands, countries like Germany need an annual net influx of people. Germany has welcomed thousands of refugees into its borders in recent years – and we believe there is great potential in helping them access the German labor market.

Germany is home to DHL Group headquarters and a large portion of our workforce. Since 2015, we have leveraged our people and presence to support refugee aid, participating in various relief and integration projects throughout the country. 

How we enable integration

We focus on projects and programs that foster language acquisition, support personal and professional development, and offer a vocational perspective – all areas that help refugees integrate into German society. Our diverse activities include interview and job application training, mentoring programs, internships, and language courses. We aim to provide refugees with professional skills and employment opportunities – whether with us at DHL Group or elsewhere.

To ensure the quality of our activities, we work together with experienced partners, including the German Federal Employment Agency and the United Nations. For example, we participate in the #WithRefugees Coalition coordinated by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

The volunteer commitment of our people is essential to make these partnerships successful.

The impact of enabling integration

Over 16,000 employees have volunteered their time for our integration projects since 2015. Altogether we have provided job, training, and internship opportunities to more than 22,000 refugees.

With so many positive outcomes, we see enormous potential to leverage our experience in other parts of the world.