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Employee development

Discovering and promoting the potential of every one of our employees is an important function of our human resources management work. In the competition to recruit and retain the best of the best, we focus on two key factors: developing our employees and promoting women. Professional and personal development is a key prerequisite in motivating and retaining talented employees, and is thus vital to our business success. 

  • We offer employees and managers a comprehensive catalogue of further education and training opportunities. We encourage formal, structured learning in training sessions, completing e-learnings, and taking time for business readings to develop relevant skills and capabilities and the right mind-set.

    The insights gained through the formal, structured learning can be used and applied in the business environment. Experiential learning enables our employees to discover and refine job-related skills, make decisions, and address challenges. This includes learning through challenging assignments, new areas of responsibility, new experiences, or a change in scope within their current role.

    The combination of life-long learning and preventive health programs enhances the performance and motivation of all employees across the Group.

  • Our people are the engine of our results and successes. With our Group-wide Certified initiative, we are creating a team of "certified" divisional specialists with a best-in-class culture.

    Certified is designed to provide a lifelong learning and engagement journey for our people from foundation fundamentals and functional specific skills through to leadership. It contributes to a common understanding of our business processes and the interconnected nature of all business units throughout the Group.  Certified helps promote a culture of customer centricity and assists in creating an environment where our employees can be at their best every day. Already, 74% of our employees are certified.

  • Great companies need great leadership and at DHL Group, we believe that everybody can be a great leader. Leadership@DHLGroup is built upon our values of Respect & Results. Respect starts with providing a great place to work, which is why the behaviour of our leaders is so important. Valuing employees, recognizing their achievements, and supporting their growth leads to positive results.

    Building on the foundation of Respect & Results, our six Leadership Attributes guide how we set and achieve our goals, and lead our employees in a fast-moving environment. We interact with people based on a culture of mutual respect & trust, and we influence and inspire others regardless of our role within the organization. Our approach of leading with Head, Heart & Guts is crucial to become the Employer of Choice.

    Our Management development programs are designed to transform our leadership thinking to ensure we are fit for the 21st Century. They set the standard for the development of  world class managers and supervisors. Their aim is to create a team of DPDHL Group managers who are inspired and capable of delivering 21st Century Leadership and driving the highest levels of performance and results across the business.