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Health & Wellbeing

Supporting the health and wellbeing (H&W) of our employees is essential for DHL Group. As THE logistics company for the world, we fulfill our purpose of connecting people and improving lives. Achieving this depends on healthy and engaged employees working in an environment that promotes H&W, supported by our values of Respect and Results. This is an important component of sustainable productivity and our best-in-class service quality.

Our H&W approach is based on the understanding that prevention activities in the workplace can contribute significantly to disease prevention in society.

We regard health as a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing. Well-designed Work can be a fundamental source of satisfaction and thus health.

We have therefore developed a Group-wide global guideline for health and wellbeing, which is being adapted and implemented in the countries and divisions.  

For us, health and wellbeing are based on these three core pillars:


The ability and motivation to care for our bodies.


The ability and motivation to take care of one's mental and emotional health to cope with the changes and challenges in life.


The ability and motivation to strengthen relationships enabling positive connections to our environment and society.

These three core pillars are closely interlinked and equally important for a healthy life. They build on each other and are further developed through their interaction.


  • The forum is made up of representatives from the divisions as well as representatives from central organizations and reports to the HR Board. Its task is to shape the Health & Wellbeing Policy for the divisions and countries.

  • Corporate Health Management is steered by the Chief Medical Officer of DHL Group, whose responsibilities include

    • definition of programs, standards and policies in the area of occupational health within the Group  
    • recognition, evaluation and reporting on health risks relevant to the Group and
    • definition of Group-wide strategies for dealing with those risks (e.g. medical crisis management of infectious diseases, measures to reduce the risk of chronic diseases),
    • advice on all health-related topics (e.g. health in the workplace, health and wellbeing),
    • management the Group’s Corporate Health Services in Germany and
    • management of the occupational health promotion management system in Germany.
  • Health insurance as an additional benefit for our employees

    Approximately 300,000 of our employees – more than half of our workforce – live and work outside of Germany, many of them in countries that do not offer adequate social health coverage. Thanks to our Group-wide Employee Benefits Program, employees and their dependents in over 100 countries can receive primary or supplementary healthcare at costs well below local market alternatives. Insurance & Risk Management is responsible for this in collaboration with the HR department. Measures and offers tailored to local needs are developed on the basis of a systematic, global evaluation of risk indicators. Among other things, Insurance & Risk Management also offers a Health & Wellbeing program in this context.

    Our ability to maximize and control funding efficiencies around the provisions of our insurance program allows us to invest in health promotion measures to benefit our employees and their families.

  • We engage our people, empower our leaders and enable our business to make a difference and drive our culture. We deeply care about our people and their health & wellbeing. Our people come first as we aspire to be a Great Company to Work for All. When they thrive, the Group thrives too! Our ambition is to foster a work environment that enables and motivates our people to be well in their professional and personal lives.